Why does Rosie-Learning exist?

Why we do what we do stems from a simple story.

And it all starts back when I was 7……. (in the mists of the last century)….

At my 1st year in junior school, I could spell better than my class teacher. I sat an entrance exam and at 8 (2nd year juniors) I then went to a private prep school – The Perse School for Girls.   I went from being teacher’s helper (especially with spelling) to just another pupil who was middle to bottom of the class academically. The girls at the Perse were from a very different background to me; there were many who were also very sporty and while I’ve always been quite good, I was never good enough at the Perse to compete with them.

I left at age 11 and went to the local comp. What a complete culture change that was. Life was completely different at The Manor. I was unique – out of a school of 1500 I was the only “ginger”. I also “posh” (I had had speech training lessons at the Perse – & I can still project if required!). I didn’t need to actually work to get good marks, but I was good enough – I was top or 2nd in most classes and I was in every school sports team and I thrived.

I didn’t shine at the Perse, but in an environment where I could shine I did – the old adage of Success breeds success was applicable to me.

So now I help people become as good as they can be because I know what it feels like to not be good enough.  I help them become unstuck, overcome their barriers and shine and thrive, and I do that through the medium of training and coaching.

Can you see how the mission of discover potential and guide growth fits in?


If this resonates with you. please do pick up the phone or write me a quick email and see how we can help you.