Powerful Presentations with PowerPoint

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NEW Course for 2015

Powerful Presentations with PowerPoint

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Standing up on your own in front of a group of people is one of the most terrifying things we subject ourselves to.  And no matter how hard we try to avoid it, sometimes we just HAVE to do it.

Sweaty palms, butterflies out of control, stumbling over our words, unable to string two sentences together – our fight or flight system is in overdrive.

There’s a way to conquer this – from terrified to terrific! – in just one course.

In my course I’ll share with you a proven 3-step system to giving great presentations – whether they’re 5 minutes or 50 minutes long.

I’ll share with you how to master your nerves, and be master of the stage.

I’ll share with you a series of PowerPoint templates that will help you wow your audience.

I’ll share a simple 3-step system to building a great presentation that flows well.

I’ll share THE ONE Secret to a great presentation that most presenters ignore/ forget/ or don’t know.

So whether you are preparing for an interview, a presentation to colleagues, or a major sales presentation, and you are worrying yourself into the ground, this course will give you the systems and the confidence to give a GREAT presentation this time and in the future.

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Eventbrite - Powerful Presentations with PowerPoint

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