Helping Business Owners increase profits by using technology effectively

We help business owners to use their mobiles, laptops and all sorts of technologies to make their businesses run more effectively.

So if you use computer technology in your business every single day

and you are frustrated by it

and you know that not being able to use it properly is costing you money,  call us.You talk my language!

If you are being asked by clients to “Just email us that Quote over” and don’t know how

or you are constantly being asked if you’re on Facebook

or you are so pushed for time that it’s just easier to write out an invoice than type one

or you’ve just bought a tablet or iPad and are wondering how it can help your business

or you are looking to use the computer to help you in your business, Rosie-Learning can help.


Why do we do what we do?

Because we know what it feels like to be stuck, to be frustrated by your technology, to not be able to move forward and do what you REALLY want to.  And we hate that feeling. So we help you overcome those frustrations, break down those barriers and help you thrive! Our mission is to help you discover your potential, and guide your growth.


computer training saved wasted time & frustration
1 hour saved per day is 45 days per year

We talk to you about what you want to be able to do that you can’t do now.

We find out what tech you already have and how you use it now.

We work with you to find out how you can use your tech to benefit your business.

And if that sounds like it’s just what you’re looking for, let’s have a chat and see how your business can benefit from working with Rosie-Learning.

Call us on 07747 614434 or email rosie@rosie-learning.co.uk for a free initial consultation.



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