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I am Rosie Diver, founder of Rosie-Learning, creator of the Innovative, Interactive training process. I have worked in education, training and support for over 30 years and during that time I have helped thousands of busy professionals to use technology to get better results.

Using my unique approach I am able to help businesses

  •  maximise the benefit of ever-changing technology
  •  minimise the impact of new technology
  •  have a happy, effective workforce
  •  minimise wasted time and effort leading to
  •  increase profits

While I work with technology and computers, really I work with people, just like you. My passion is to help others use technologies to improve their situation in life, at home and at work. I firmly  believe that the technology we use should enhance our lives and not frustrate us and I  work with clients to make that so for them.

I now share my expertise with small businesses and start-ups with between 1 and 50 staff, to help them increase their efficiency and give them back some of that precious time they’ve been spending on work, when they could have been spending it at home doing really fun things with family and friends.

Many of my clients are self-taught and busy and often say “If I had known I could have this result, I would have called you earlier!”

Take, for example, Sean, a local builder, who needed a smarter way of keeping track of projects he is managing. After following my home-study course, he now runs his projects from his laptop and is on top of his finances, he knows where each of his projects are up to, which means that he now spends evenings and weekends with his family and friends instead of worrying over his business.

Or Jane, HR manager of a local engineering firm, who needed to upgrade to Windows 8 and Office 2013. In order to help her staff make the transition smoothly I designed and delivered a series of short, bespoke sessions which meant that staff were able to make use of the new and innovative features quickly, minimising the impact of the change to the business.

If you think you’re like Sean or Jane, then please get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

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