Bootcamp & Academy


Ideal for you if you

  • want a 1 day intensive hands-on practical IT training session
  • want to get as much knowledge and skill as you can in as short a time as possible
  • want to leave with the skills and knowledge that you can use to boost your business right away.

Places are limited to 18 on each Bootcamp



Academy runs over 2 full days.

We are able to take things at a slightly slower pace and ensure that you totally meet your business needs during the 2 days so that you leave the academy confident that you now have the skills and strategies to move forwards in your business.

We make sure that you are comfortable and confident with the technology, ideas and software.

Places are strictly limited to 6 on an Academy  so you are assured that your personal business IT needs are met.


Bootcamp and Academy Topics

Social Media Right from the Startsocial media bootcamp



We start with looking at what each social network can do for your business, and how you can use them. We work through setting up accounts for each of the big 4  – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube – before ending with a business social media marketing Strategy and action plan. We also look at social media policy and acceptable use policy.



During the Academy we follow the route of the Bootcamp adding more time to immerse ourselves in each social network so to fully understand the business benefits of each for your business. We add Hootsuite, a social network management tool to help put our action plan into effect.



Professional Presentations that deliverpresentation academy



We take it steady and build a powerful presentation taking into account the main factors of planning, visual aids, personal presentation & delivery, and how to handle questions.


During the  Academy we take our  time to build a powerful  presentation, we practice & evaluate our presentation within the group, we present our finished presentation to the group. The Academy offers video feedback and an extra session on how to present a great webinar.



Microsoft Office tools for professional polishMicrosoft Office 2013 Bootcamp


We take a tour of the  Microsoft Office tools : Word, Excel, Outlook and explore how to manage our files with file manager built into Windows.  At the end of the Bootcamp you will know several tricks of the trade to help you spend less time on your computer while achieving a professional look and feel to all correspondence.



The academy allows us to explore Microsft Office in greater depth as we spend a full 1/2 day on each of the following Microsoft Office tools : Word, Excel, Outlook and explore how to manage our files with file manager built into Windows. You will have enough knowledge at the end of the Academy to give a professional image in all correspondance  and the confidence to extend your own knowledge over time

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