Computer Lessons in your own home

Computer Lessons at home

Do you have a computer at home that  you’d love to learn to use better?  Have you considered computer lessons in the comfort of your own home?

We know that when you cannot use your own computer, or tablet or phone, it is intensely frustrating. At Rosie-Learning we understand your frustrations and will come and sit beside you, one to one, and help you learn to love your computer and turn that frustration into joy.

iPad lessons as part of computer lessons at home
iPad lessons

What you can expect from home computer lessons

Our aim is that you feel confident and competent with your computer/iPad/ phone/ tablet etc.

How do you achieve that?

  • One to one training. YOU have our full attention.
  • You learn on YOUR computer
  • YOU “drive”, we show you how
  • All types of computers and technologies (Mac, laptop, tablet, iPad, Kindle, etc) whatever YOU have, we’ll teach you about it.
  • Help right from the start – from unpacking the boxes, if necessary
  • YOU learn at YOUR pace. We don’t hurry you.
  • YOU feel in control. We understand you might forget things between sessions. We understand you might take time to learn. We will go over things again until YOU tell us you understand.
  • One hour sessions. We know that you will have had enough after an hour.
  • YOU agree how many sessions YOU want. We won’t try and overwhelm you. We are guided by what YOU want and need.Confidence after computer lessons

We love to see you succeed

Call us on 07747 614434 or email us to see how we can help YOU.

There’s no obligation on a call. Chat with us about how we work and how it fits in with what you need.



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